Hall Committee

Consider being part of the Hall Committee, this is the first opportunity to get involved, have a real impact on the life in Pembridge and gain some experience in a responsibility role at the college.

What does it do?

After the Fresher’s Fortnight, the Committee plans social events, manage the events budget, and works with the wardening team to resolve any issues arising in the Hall.

The Hall Committee approves funding and social events in the Hall – so, if you have an event idea, come along, present your idea and get funding!

The Committee is also a good environment to raise and discuss any other concerns you may have in the Hall with the Wardens, who can then either act on them or pass your concerns on to the Hall Supervisors.


The main representative roles on the committee are President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Additional positions include Events representative (Proposes and organise events), Kitchen representative (Raises any issues that are specific to the users of the kitchen, one per kitchen), RAG representative (Organises events to raise money for charitable organisations), Environmental representative (Promotes environmental responsibility in the hall).

These are elected positions. If you wish to be considered you will present your candidacy at the first committee meeting (3-minute speech). Representatives will be elected on the day.


Events in the hall are funded both by event ticket sales and from a compulsory £2 per week contribution from rents. How this money is spent is up to you!