Arrivals Information

Pre-arrival information

keyFirstly, make sure you Register as it will save us and you quite a bit of time and avoid unnecessary hassle if you do so on time.

Secondly, do check our What to Bring page. It gives some useful advice on what to bring with you, what not to bring, and what to get once you arrive. Bringing a toothbrush and a charger for your laptop and mobile phone with you is a safe bet.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to accept deliveries or post on your behalf prior to your arrival. Please do not have anything (Oyster cards, bank accounts, etc etc …) sent to Pembridge before Move-In day. Any post will very likely be returned to sender.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to enter and look around the Hall prior to Move-in day.

Move-In Day – What to Expect

Please arrive at:
30 Pembridge Gardens, London W2 4DX

Your room allocation – which is not handled by the Wardens, but by the Accommodation Office – does not depend on your time of arrival. Please try to arrive in the time window indicated in your booking. However, should you arrive late, please inform us as soon as possible (by email, or by phone 07590 250 422). Students who have not moved in during the moving-in period and have not informed the Wardening Team about the delay may lose their room as it may be reallocated to another student.

Once you arrive at Pembridge:

  • we will check that you have registered (you cannot proceed until you have)
  • we will issue the keys to your room
  • we will give you your College ID card (only if you fully registered on time)
  • you will be able to go to your room

If you are driving in with family or friends, you will be able to park for a short while (up to 15 minutes) for offloading in the front of the Hall. After that, you will be able to use nearby Pay and Display parking bays.

After everyone is all moved in we will have a compulsory welcome talk, this is an opportunity to meet the team and let you know some important information about living at Pembridge.

What Next?

There will be numerous events organised for you by the Hall Seniors and Wardens (check our Events page and/or Pembridge’s Facebook group), some organised by your Department (you will want to familiarise yourself with when you need to be in your Department for Introductory talks), and many organised by the Union and Clubs & Societies.

Get ready to meet new people and have fun!