What to bring

Yes, you do need pillows, duvet, sheets, and towels.


Click here to find out what your bedroom and kitchen are already equipped with, what you should bring with you, and what you shouldn’t bring.

You can pre-order certain items through the College, or buy things when you get here if you’re stuck for packing space. There are several places nearby that sell kitchen and homeware (Argos and Wilkos on Kensington High Street, and Tyler’s on Notting Hill Gate).

You will have your own small cupboard in the kitchen, and you may wish to bring a small padlock to secure it.

Don’t forget some sort of proof of age, as this will probably be important for going out in London.

If you’re coming from abroad you can order a UK SIM card instead of getting a whole new phone. Phone companies in the UK include EE, GiffGaff, Vodafone, O2 and Three. Three also allow you to use your phone abroad in about 30 countries at no extra cost so may be worthwhile checking out if you are planning on travelling around a little. GiffGaff has good deals too.

Please do not bring any electrical kitchen equipment (such as rice cookers, hot plates, kettles, toasters, microwaves, …). Safety regulation prohibits the use of cooking equipment in the bedrooms.

You can pick up a regular Oyster card at any major tube station, and you can also use contactless debit cards on buses and tubes instead of an Oyster. A Student Oyster card only saves you money on passes, which you won’t need for commuting to South Kensington: it’s faster to walk or bike than to travel by public transport. Anyone with a Young Person railcard can get it loaded onto their Oyster card, which is the best way of saving money.

UK Customs: If you’re travelling from abroad, make sure you’re not bringing anything into the UK that you’re not allowed to. It’s also good to check you’re bringing in allowed amounts of other restricted items.