Contact the Wardening Team

The Wardening Team is here to help you. What can you take up with the Wardens? Anything and everything. Whether you’re looking for theatre recommendations, want to discuss medical issues, talk about academic worries, get advice on money problems, or anything in between, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Wardening Team. We will either be able to help directly or point you in the right direction. Confidentiality is maintained across the team and (barring exceptional circumstances) we will only contact other services across the College if you ask us to.

You may get in contact with the Wardening team in the following ways:

Immediate Response

In incidents that require an immediate response (a noise complaint, a leak, if you are locked out of your room, etc), please call the Duty Phone, 07590 250 422, during non-office hours. Make sure you have our number saved in your phone! We are available from 18.00 to 08.00 during weekdays and 24 hours during the weekend and holidays. We ask that the Duty Phone is used for emergencies only (when you require an immediate response). If your concern is during Office Hours, the Hall Supervisor team will be on site and most likely more able to help you. (Wardens have full time jobs in College and aren’t around the Hall during the working day).

Non-urgent Requests

Warden’s Surgery Every weekday during term time the team holds Warden’s Surgery between 19.00-19.30. During this slot you can stop by the office if you have questions, to collect your post, to rent a mattress, or just for a friendly chat.

Email You can email us.

Facebook Towards the start of the academic year we will set up a Facebook group which we recommend you join.