Food shopping


The closest supermarkets to Pembridge Hall are the Tesco Metro (114-120 Notting Hill Gate) and the Sainsbury’s Local (61-65 Kensington Church Street). There you can find nearly anything you would need for cooking etc. There is also a Little Waitrose and an M&S Food 50m and 100m further down the road from Tesco.

Cromwell Road has two massive 24 hours supermarkets – a Sainsbury’s about 5 mins walk west from Gloucester Road tube and a Tesco’s a further 5 minutes down the road close to Earl’s Court. There are not many things that beat a 3am shopping trip!

Markets and local produce

Fresh fruit and vegetables are available daily on Portobello Road (midway up). These are cheaper and often fresher than supermarket fruit and veg (but go off quicker), with dealers often able to give you a better deal (especially around 5pm on a Friday or Saturday)! Worth checking out before going to the supermarket – you can pick up 30 clementines for £1 or similar!

Farmers Market

Don’t forget the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. This is where the locals go to shop for fresh produce including fruit & veg, meat, cheese, eggs and pastries. It’s located in the car park behind Waterstones, Kensington Church Street, Kensington, London W11 3LQ.

Chegworth Farm Shop sells organic and locally grown fruit & veg. Located at 221 Kensington Church St, only a couple of minutes walk from Pembridge.

Whole Food Markets on Kensington High Street offers fresh, high-quality natural and organic food products, including many things you wouldn’t find in a regular supermarket.

Online shopping is also an alternative; many supermarkets offer free delivery for orders over a certain amount so it is worth combining orders with a few friends at the same time.

Chinese Supermarkets

For those of you like me who need to buy rice, noodles, pak choi, soy sauce, wasabi peas and the rest on a regular basis you don’t have to go all the way to Chinatown! Queensway in Bayswater (about a 5 min walk East) has TWO Chinese supermarkets. As well as loads of fresh Chinese fruit/veg, dried stuff, and frozen dumplings/dim sum, both places sell a supply of Chinese cookery products such as woks and steamers.